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Lulu Candles Making a Furry Difference!

The owner of Lulu Candles has been rescuing dogs for as long as she can remember. Every time she would visit her childhood town of Peruibe-Brazil, she wouldn't do so without saving a few street dogs. Her family would always comment how she would spend more time at the vet than enjoying her vacation with the family. She always dreamed of doing something that would make a bigger impact on saving the lives of abandoned and abused animals. So, in order to make her dream come true, she decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of two of her candles towards this cause. Initially she donated to big non-profit organizations, but it was not fulfilling since she could not see how her donations were actually impacting animals in need. She needed to find a way to have hands on. During her last trip to her home town of Peruibe, as usual, she rescued a dog that was trembling on the side of the street from dehydration. She took the dog straight to the vet (Dr. Katarine Rodrigues UPAVET) that had always helped her with her previous rescues. It was on that day that she realized there was a way to be hands on. From this day on, FURR A CAUSE by Lulu Candles came to exist. FURR A CAUSE would donate the proceeds from the sales from two of her candles, Lavender Must and Apple Cinnamon, to pay UPAVET to help rescue abandoned and abused dogs found on the streets of her home town. The plan is to bring the stray dogs in, clean them up, bring them up to health, neuter them and then find them a forever loving home. It’s not easy since there are so many abandoned dogs, but together we can make a difference! When you buy an Apple Cinnamon or Lavender Musk 6 Oz. Candle, the proceeds are being donated to this cause. We plan to add more fragrances to the cause in the near future in order to start this same project in more cities around the world.